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Alexis Rubertino (she/her) is an artist based in Northeast Ohio. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree for Studio Art and Creative Writing from Bowling Green State University and completed an Associate of Arts Degree at Lakeland Community College in 2016. She works with a range of two-dimensional and three-dimensional media to create videos and installations which explore questions of individual identity and experience. After attending a two-week Art Writing residency at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Rubertino has put a focus on critical art writing. Rubertino’s work often asks the audience for their physical and emotional participation to fully engage with the work.


Artist Statement

My art practice comes from a foundation of inquiry and the bodily experience. I am interested in relationships and experiences between oneself and the world, oneself and themselves, and between art, artist, and viewer. I see art as a curation of one’s experience with the world which stems from how they recognize their view of the world: a series of juxtapositions and symbols which convey meaning. As someone who is very introspective, I regard exploration and understanding of high importance, which shows up in my work. My creative process begins with a question I wish to explore, and the piece I create as a result merely amalgamates the experience of the research I have done, lending the piece to reveal the question or line of thought rather than an answer.

            Much of my desire as a creator is to understand how one communicates through Art and Writing: how one is affected by these manifestations as product of and about the world within which they exist. As such, I have created pieces in many different mediums to learn about their materiality, and tend to create works that integrate time as a fundamental element: installation, performance, and / or video. Pieces which use time as a medium require duration and presence, thus the body.





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